Friday, January 27, 2012

Online Music Business Workshop Launched

You're pursuing your career in the music industry, right? Knowledge is power when it comes to understanding the music business. The F.I.R.S.T. School has your solution right here, right now.

Register online for only $149.99 to take our 1 month Music Business Workshop Online! Register by (clicking here), or go to

With a blend of video lectures, PowerPoint presentations, and testing, you will feel like you are right there in the classroom!

Attend eight classes in a one-month workshop where you will learn everything from contract negotiations to copyright law and artist management. You have 45 days to complete course from registration!
  • Music Business Management
  • Marketing & Distribution
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Music Business Law
  • Artist Management
  • Intellectual Property
  • Promotion & Publicity
  • Live Events
This is a must-have course for anyone pursuing a career in the music industry, starting their own business, or working freelance.

Here is an in depth breakdown:

Music Business Management edit 34 mins,21 secs
This class will provide students with an overview of the corporate structure seen in the music industry and also supporting companies who assist in the development and distribution of music. Students will learn about the different types of music-business entities (from concert promotion companies to major and independent record labels), and how management is configured with regards to specific job responsibilities of various positions within these companies. We will inquire into the characteristics that are essential to inspire others to action. Students will identify their personal strengths and weaknesses through self-assessment - expanding their awareness of their qualities and the effect they have on other individuals and group behavior. We will discuss strategies for decision-making and building effective teams, while students explore the difficulties, compromises, and rewards of the collaboration process.

Marketing and Distribution edit 41 mins,3 secs
We will explore general marketing concepts as they relate to the nuances of the music business, discuss strategic plans in the selection and development of media products, examine consumer behavior and it’s effect on the success of entertainment products, and introduce entertainment licensing concepts and promotional avenues, such as trade shows, trade publications and the Internet. Students will strengthen their understanding of analytical tools and strategic analysis of the music business, providing them with knowledge that can facilitate the success of their creative work. We will also examine real-world scenarios of issues that are currently affecting entertainment business companies media publishing and distribution.

Accounting and Finance edit 32 mins,41 secs
Designed to familiarize students with a range of business procedures requiring the use of mathematics and accounting. The effects and implications of accounting principles in real world settings are considered from investment, management, and creditor viewpoints. Students are introduced to measurement, reporting, and evaluating software-tools that are used to gauge and disclose financial activity.

Music Business Law edit 40 mins,33 secs
Expands on business law as it relates to the music industry. Students are introduced to contract-writing strategies as they examine strengths and weaknesses of real world contracts. You will be given the opportunity to learn and practice various negotiating skills and tactics and also learn about the role of lawyers, business managers, and agents in music business.

Artist Management edit 36 mins,7 secs
Explores the career path of the manager, a position that plays a significant role in the entertainment business community and in the career of an artist/band. Class topics include: the artist-manager relationship, launching an artist’s career, management contracts, development of an artist’s career path, and sustaining an artist’s career.

Intellectual Property edit 36 mins,1 sec
Teaches students how to protect their creative works and provides an overview of the business mechanisms that can affect the use of their songs and those of their clients. Along with the global topics of copyright and publishing, the class also covers the history of the publishing industry, royalties, songwriter contracts, publishing options, and an overview of publishing companies.

Publicity and Promotion edit 53 mins,35 secs
Exposes students to various forms of written and oral communication through technical, proposal, grant, electronic, and creative writing activities. Attention is given to the impact of audience analysis, image and content. Through practice and development of written and oral skills, students sharpen their writing and speaking abilities while gaining confidence in both the content of their message and their ability to clearly convey that message.

Live Events edit 42 mins,36 secs
Covers the variety of topics that are specific to concert production and touring industry. This class takes a ground level approach to concert promotion basics, including how to develop and execute an artist’s tour and production management. We will also cover public safety guidelines, contract riders, unions, staff and equipment booking, and daily execution of tour schedules.

Register online for only $149.99 to take our 1 month Music Business Workshop Online! Register by (clicking here), or go to

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Internships Available Notice

Internships available 

· Audio Blogger – write 1 weekly blog about happening at school or in the audio industry, at least 250 words, with 1 photo. 40 hours/4 month internship

· Video Blogger - write 1 weekly blog about happening at school or in the video industry, at least 250 words, with 1 photo. 40 hours/4 month internship

· Film Blogger - write 1 weekly blog about a movie, in theatres or a classic, through the eyes of an aspiring filmmaker/student, at least 250 words, with 1 photo. 40 hours/4 month internship

· Video Transcriber – transcribe 12 videos, about 5 minutes each in length, into Q & A text interviews. 40 hours/4 month internship

· Event Blogger – write about school events: graduation, workshops, speakers, class projects, instructor news, internships & employment secured by students. 40 hours/4 month internship

· Event Assistant – assist with coordinating monthly entertainment industry events at school, working with Career Development. Making copies, coordinating literature, internet research, social media.
4 events/40 hours/4 month internship


Email resume and cover letter to:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

F.I.R.S.T. Presents FREE Career Development Workshop

YOU'RE INVITED: Career Development Workshop!

Tuesday, January 31, 6:00pm - 9:00pm


Here at F.I.R.S.T. School, we care about your future, and want to help you learn how to secure a great job! This month, we will be offering a brand-new, FREE, 3-hour workshop for you: "How To Get A Job In Digital Media"!

If you're currently looking for a job - or if you're currently employed and need to have a back-up plan and/or get additional work - then this is one event you DON'T WANT TO MISS!

During the full, 4-hour workshop led by F.I.R.S.T. School Director, Alan Forbes, you will learn:

* Where & how to apply for jobs
* How to get 100 job leads in your email box each week!
* How to research the job market (and yourself)
* Do's and Don'ts about networking
* Rules for submitting your resume and cover letter
* Do's and Don'ts during an interview
* Reasons for rejection
* Branding & marketing yourself
* Industry resources and information to find job openings
* Using social media in a professional job-search manner
* Which job titles are right for you
* Q & A session after the workshop

... and much more info!

As a BONUS, each attendee will receive a FREE, 50-page F.I.R.S.T School exclusive "Career Development Handbook".

Cookies and punch will be served during the break.